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Common Blunders Often Done While Cooking Steak


Often people ruin the steak by several mistakes like overcooking or under-seasoning while cooking the steak. While entering a steakhouse you never expect that they would serve you a steak which is overcooked or under-seasoned and would not only return the dish but would certainly demand the appropriate explanation. Indeed, ruining or destroying the taste or flavour of a steak is never pardonable or compromised because it is counted so precious. Get into Restaurant Rib N Reef to taste the most flavourful, tender and delicious steak you ever had anywhere.

When it comes to preparing the steak, yourself it may be unthinkable if you ruin the steak by mistake. Therefore, make sure you are not repeating those mistakes before you lay the slab of meat onto the grill. One of the most common mistake while cooking the steak is the under-seasoning. A steak should be one and a half inches thick for best seasoning. Each bite of your steak comprises surface and the interior while you can only season the surface. Therefore, make sure that you applied enough salt on the external surface in order to season the surface as well as the interior portion.

Another common mistake committed to ruining the steak while cooking is stabbing it. It generally occurs when you use sharp equipment like forks to turn the steak while grilling. Every time you pierce the steak you haemorrhage juices and eventually wonder why your steak became so dry. Therefore, make sure you do not stab it again and again as if to stab it to death whereas it is already dead. The right way to cook it without piercing it is to use tongs while turning the steak. You can check the doneness of the steak by pressing the steak by your thumb.

The most common mistake done by almost all while cooking the steak is that you cooked it straight out of the icebox. You need to cook the steak as quickly as possible with a high temperature for as short time as you can. If you keep the steak longer in the fire it becomes tougher and strong. Therefore, if you start cooking your steak right from the icebox or throw the ice-cold steak onto the grill it will take longer in comparison to the steak which has room temperature before getting onto the grill. The extra-minutes that the steak stays at the grill makes it tougher and drier eventually losing its tenderness and becomes juiceless and flavourless.